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“ITALY’S è solo Italiano”


Because what is Italy’s, is also yours. Italy’s is the Mediterranean sun. It’s the power of the research, the authenticity on your table, the taste and the importance of the products coming from the “Belpaese”.

The best enogastronomic products in the “Italian boot” are produced and delivered under this 100% Italian brand, chosen after a careful and expert selection.

Food represents the living and sincere memory of a territory. In Italy, when you send food for Christmas or to your family abroad, you’re sending a gesture of true love. Italy’s has their goods drawn with motherly and loving intention, sealed with a stamp and sent throughout the world, right from the heart of the national park of the Majella mountain.

The project was created in 2019 by two young men from Abruzzo, Antonio Rosati and Matteo Petrarca, who share a passion: good food. Both bring a great respect for raw materials and firm belief that the products of certain soil tell its way of being. When Antonio moved to North America, he realized that genuineness of the Italian food and beverage culture was losing overseas. They built a team of co-workers, producers and providers – all from Italy – with attention to detail and patience. These products are able to truly represent the wealth of a territory. Now, Italy’s teams with producers who use traditional methods, who are reliable and who are 100% certified Italian. The best of the food and beverage is offered at a highly competitive price, so that the taste of Italy can be shared with the world.

Now Italy’s products are ready for their final step: to be shared by all who believe in the safe, fair and ethical purchase.


Olio Extra Vergine d’Oliva

The team of ITALY’S trusted providers includes the oil mill, “Di Simone Alfonso”. It’s located in Loreto Aprutino in the Abruzzo countryside, the best area in the province of Pescara for the cultivation of Extra-Virgin Olive Oil DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) “Aprutino-Pescarese”. This area benefits from a temperate climate due to it’s location: halfway between the sea and mountains. The oil mill has been producing Extra-Virgin Olive Oil since the 1960s. The production cycle remains traditional, but machinery and manufacturing systems have recently been updated to improve the flavour and quality of the olive oil.

Why buy this
ITALY’S product?

ITALY’S Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is 100% certified Italian and it’s made exclusively by local olives: 60% Dritta di Penne/Loreto Aprutino type, native to the province of Pescara, and 40% several varieties of the Leccino type. The olives are harvested and pressed within a few hours, to allow the organoleptic features of the oil are preserved at their best.

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